dealing with someone elses abandoned install

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dealing with someone elses abandoned install

Postby paulh » Fri Feb 06, 2009 9:18 pm

I've recently started looking after a school that was previously looked after by another organisation. Now either design or accident the previous techies have left no note of how the installation is set up or what the passwords are etc.....
I cant even figure out what version of the Winlock product we have and nobody onsite knows anything at all except that there are things that need changing.
The machine that the previous tech used on a regular basis has either been shuffled into the pack of completely identical machines or actually removed as the gap it used to fill is now very empty.
The only starting point I found was what looked like a config file that pointed to a location on a share that doesnt appear to exist (that could simply be WinLock protecting itself as I dont know the product at all yet but it looks like Im about to)

My question is this ---- Where the heck do I start to sort this all out? Do I admit defeat and just rebuild all 40+ machines or is there something else you can suggest?

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